I’m wide awake and I feel like I’ve done all the sleeping that I could do. Unfortunately, it’s only been 4 hours since I went to bed. Some people say sleeping is just something you do when you switch off your thoughts, but I cannot switch off. It’s leg two of our SPiRaSol explorations. We’ll be looking for Phytophthora and Ralstonia in wild tomatoes again.

Today I will go back to Canta. One of the more easily accessible and interesting places from last time. I want to see the effect of the season and I want to take some extra samples in general. Philippe found some interesting bacterial samples there last time and I had unfortunately lost some samples from our day in Canta due to contaminations. At the same time, we want to experiment a bit more with different plates, media, storage methods and all those things.

Shall I open my laptop and look through all the things we are planning to do or maybe I should catch some more sleep.


02:30 I tried sleeping, but that really didn’t work. So let’s do what a true Peruvian would do. Crack open a bottle of Inka Cola (it’s yellow , sweet and not really good) and get to work!