I had written a lovely story about the adventures from Friday, but I couldn’t post it directly and when my laptop went without power I lost it. (Always save your files!)

Anyway, we had a pretty good morning. Whilst slowly making our descent into the valley towards the coast. (we would never go that far down though), we found a lot of S. arcanum and S habrochaites again. Our goal was a tiny town Chilete. Here we would have lunch and spend the night.
Lunch was a very nice duck dish. And Chilete, with it’s probably 1000 inhabitants, turned out to be rather lively. But we were not here to do sightseeing, we drove on and were hunting for some S pimpinellifolium. This species had been a bit undersamples in the last trip and in fact also this one, so a couple of extra plants would be good.
The description from the TGRC speciment was from the early 1980s. Sometimes that works well, sometimes, there’s a house or parking lot on top of the site. This time no house and no parking lot, but also no plants. We wandered around for about 20 minutes, but didn’t find anything. I was read to go back, but Philippe suggested to just go one kilometer to check. After this one km, we couldn’t stop to turn the car, so we did one more and one more and then a couple more. When we could turn we decided to just do another one more and then suddenly, there they were, about 10, large and very nice plants. Mixed with some S arcanum. Rejoice!

Someone from CIP had found us a hotel, because online I could not find anythin. Hostal Tierra del Sol turned out to be real and the owners we a super friendly couple. And I must say, the hotal was pretty decent. And I had no problem promising to recommend it to all my friend, because, it is the best (and probably only) hotel in Chilete. Unfortunately, the internet connection botched when I wanted to post the much more extensive story about yesterday, but that turned out to be an issue in the whole village rather than just the hotel.

So dear blog-readers, if you are ever in Chilete, go to hotel Tierra del Sol. The inside looks better than the outside and the suitcase stand has a very nice graphic to explain its use.