Sampling 2019 Video

A snapshot of our field work in Chile and Peru. This is one of over 60 visited sites.


Online Seminars

Selection of online seminars


October 2020

Just before Germany went into it’s second corona Lockdown, we had a great retreat with the lab! Really nice to be able to talk science and have a  drink and a hike together. All with at least 2 meter distance, plenty of fresh air and masks of course.We were so busy during the talks that we forgot to take pictures. Luckily we had some spare time during the hike.

August 2020

Lab day out to the Hop Museum in Wolnzach and a visit to the Hop Research Station of the LfL

With a really nice beer tasting, that truly taught us about the effect of different hopping strategies or using different kinds of hops.

November 2019

Visit to the botanical gardens is Munich, followed by a multi-culti lab dinner! Lab members, and dishes from Cameroon, Colombia, Inda, Indonesia, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States.

March 2019

Field trip with PhD student Corinn Small and German Sepulveda (University Tarapaca, Chile) for our DFG funded project on pathogen diversity on Solanum chilense and some other tomatoes.

March 2018

Pictures from a sampling trip for our SPiRaSol project to Cajamarca and Canta (Peru) with Dr. Philippe Prior.

October 2016

Pictures from a short visit to the greater Cajamarca region with Dr. Hannele Lindqvist and Dr. Philippe Prior.

Glass house

Pictures from the Solanum chilense plants in our glass house