At the moment I am just hanging on my sofa and trying to update my website. In less than a week, Philippe Prior and I will be in Lima, performing the last checks for our field trips around Lima.

With our SPiRaSOL project, we are going to try several to sample pathogens from wild tomato, so that we¬† know which ones are the best. We will collect from at least four different plant species and aim to visit as many sites as possible. We’ll focus on Phytophthora infestans and Ralstonia spp. If the project is successful it will open ways for a lot of possible follow-up work to investigate the diversity of plant pathogens in the wild.

But, before we go, we still have a lot to sort. Our colleagues at the CIP are helping us getting a lot of things sorted, permits, hotels, car rental, but we still have to check all materials that we need and we have to make sure we know our routes. Thus we have to double check the locations for the wild tomatoes and also make sure not to forget packing our GPS.